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Traditional Ukrainian food

Ukrainian cuisine is awesome! It is not without a reason that well-known travel blog Yonderbound added Ukraine to a list of 20 Best Countries in the World for Food (2016). Various starters, soups, meat, desserts and beverages are to be discovered by our visitors. 

Have you ever heard about Chiken Kiev? Do you know how traditional Borsch looks like? Here is a little bit of information about must-taste in Ukraine.

There is a lot of restaurants in Kiev offering traditional Ukrainian dishes. Our tour guides will help you to find the best of them. But, remember that tasting once is better than hearing twice!

Ukrainian dictionary: most common words and expressions

We must confess that Ukrainian language is not very easy to learn. Its phonology and grammar may seem unusual for English speakers. Only native speakers of languages belonging to Slavic group can easily find some familiar words in it. In addition to that, Ukrainians use Cyrillic alphabet, and that often causes complexities to our foreign visitors who are used to latin letters.

More and more Ukrainians, especially from service sector, speak or start to learn English and other foreign languages. So you really don't need our language intensively to be able to communicate here. But, just like citizens of any other country, Ukrainians would be happy to hear from you just a few of words in Ukrainian.

Ukrainian souvenirs