Kiev night tour

When the night comes, everything changes, and the city looks differently. Walking or driving the streets of Kiev by night, you discover another city, the one you’ve probably never seen before.

Kyiv at night

Night Kiev is charming, no matter how you'd like to explore it, by foot or by a car.

Kyiv at night

Both walking guided tour and tour in a car offer to our visitors wonderful night views of:

  • city panoramas from parks, high hills and viewing platforms
  • beautiful churches of Kiev
  • well-known buildings and monuments of the city being lighted 

Kyiv at night

Night Kiev walking tour

The itinerary of a guided tour of Kiev by night includes:

  • Saint Sophia Square, where the Cathedral and its bell-tower are nicely lighted
  • visit to St. Michael's Monastery, with its golden-domed cathedral looking impressively
  • Golden Gate in spotlights
  • night-time Maidan and the central street, including the show of fountains in summertime
  • magnificent panorama of Podil and Dnipro River 

Kyiv at night

Night Kiev tour by car

In addition to sites mentioned above, a guided night tour by car allowes to discover:

  • embankment of the river attractive by numerous car lights and bridges
  • magical beauty of Kiev Pechersk Lavra architectural ensemble
  • Motherland Monument illuminated
  • uncommonly lighted edifice of the University
  • night-time Opera House

Kyiv at night

During the tour, our English-speaking guide will tell you a lot of things about the history of illumination in Kiev, about first lanterns, power-stations and so on.

Kyiv at night

Duration: from 2 hours


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