Walking tours in Kiev

General city center walking tour: 3 best itineraries

Екскурсія центром КиєваIf you enjoy exploring the new city while walking, this tour is for you. Discover major sites of Kiev city center with your English-speaking guide and save your money and time.

Only 3 hours of slow walking tour and you will get the impression of Kiev city center, its sights, streets and areas. You will learn more about traditions and present day life of Kiev city.

Here we offer you 3 itineraries of tours. Choose the one you like, don’t forget about comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate to the weather – we are going to discover Kiev!

Мистический Киев экскурсия

Mysterious Kiev

Sometimes we all want to be a little bit thrilled. That is a reason why we watch thrillers and horror movies. But those movies are always not very educational, by contrast with excursions.

Mysterious secrets and legends, enigmatic stories and facts of Kiev city are for you in Mysterious Kiev tour.

Discover the dark side of Kiev and find its mysterious sites during this tour, and you will see another Kiev from this perspective.

Ukraine, Kiev, St. Andrew’s Church

Historical Kiev: walking tour to discover the area of ancient Kiev

Feel the atmosphere of ancient Kiev, take a dive in times of princes, and touch the earliest buildings of old capital while going back to the sources of city foundation – everything is possible within this historical tour.

Ukraine, Kiev, House with Chimeras

Sights of Petchersk: walking tour in the central part of Kiev

Petchersk is a historical place that has many faces and points of interest. Aristocratic section named Lipki (“district of lindens”) is represented by refined private residences of Kiev’s noblesse which lived there in19-beginning of 20 centuries. Another part of Petchersk is an administrative one. There are buildings of today’s political elite – administrative offices. Then tourists are invited to take a pleasant walk through Petchersk parks, where Royal Palace in baroque style is, then go over bridge of Love to reach romantic castle - a toy theatre. In the end of excursion – a splendid unforgettable panorama of Kiev from viewing point of Kreschaty Park.

Ukraine, Kiev, Samson fountain

Old streets of Podil: Podil area walking tour

Welcome to see one of the most attractive and unusual districts in Kiev – ancient Podil.  The name of Podil originates from settlements of first citizens in a place called «po dil» – a lowland of Dniepr. At all times inhabited by common people – artisans, sailors, merchants – Podil still has a reputation of a place that is congenial to simple people. Podil has always been known for its markets, fairs, first pharmacy, aqueduct, mill, power plant, first establishment of higher education and so on.

Narrow streets, colorful houses and romantic patios, nice monuments and churches of all times and religions – these are main features of the historical Podil.