Walking tour Ancient streets of Podol

Ukraine, Kiev, St. Nicolas churchName “Podol” originates from settlements of first citizens in a place called “po dol” – “in a water gap” of Dniepr. At all times inhabited by common people – artisans, sailors, merchants – Podol still has a reputation of a place that is congenial to simple people. There were and are markets, fairs, first pharmacy, aqueduct, mill, power plant, first establishment of higher education and so on.

Narrow streets, snug houses and romantic patios, nice monuments and temples of all époques and religions – here are main traits Podol.

For you to see: Mohyla Academy – place of Contracts (monument to philosopher Scovoroda, Contract house) – “Samson” fountain – church of the Holy Assumption – St. Frol monastery – St. Nicolas church –pharmacy (visiting of museum is for additional pay, with museum guide). More at will: Chernobyl museum (visiting of museum is for additional pay, with museum guide).

Duration: 2 hours

Ukraine, Kiev, Samson fountain, clock
Ukraine, Kiev, Samson fountain


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