How it's made: Christmas tree decorations production in Kiev

Christmas and New Year are our favorite holidays. And we all love their integral feature – beautiful Christmas tree decorated with glass ornaments.

By the way, do you know how Christmas balls and other decorations are made? Welcome to see this miracle!

We kindly invite you to visit one of the factories producing glass ornaments. It is located in a small town near Kyiv (about 50 km from Kyiv City center).

In your way there, English-speaking guide will tell you more about traditions of celebrating Christmas and Happy New Year in Ukraine. As holiday customs are quite special, this will help you to learn more about our way of life.

At the manufactory, you will discover all the stages of Christmas ornaments producing, including blowing of glass, silver-plating and hand-painting.

After that, you will visit a small museum of ornaments, with rare and old decorations. You will make a wish in the Residence of Did Moroz (our Santa Claus).

In the end of your visit, the manufactory will offer you a great variety of Christmas tree ornaments. As an option, a painter will make an inscription on your Christmas ball as an excellent present for your friends and families.

Duration: 3 hours


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