Bus tours in Kiev

Tour to Mezhyhirya ex-Residence

Межигорье Хонка

Mezhyhirya is the former private residence of ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. It is located in the village of Novi Petrivtsi, near Kiev city, on the banks of the Dnieper river (Kiev Reservoir), and occupies a territory about 140 ha (350 acres).

Most interesting objects of Mezhyhirya are: club house (Honka), Galleon barge, park with rare plants, sculptures and walkways. On its territory are also located: a yacht pier, equestrian club, shooting range, tennis court, small zoo and  recreational complexes, as well as hunting grounds. 

Mezhyhirya ex-residence presents a very strange mix of unheard luxury and lack of taste. However, some fine and rare things are there. You may see all these objects and discover Ukrainian ex-tyrant way of life during this tour.

Kiev, Ukraine, Independence Square (Maidan)

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine: general sightseeing tour

Welcome to discover Kiev! Enjoy 2 or 3 hours long Kiev city tours to see only the best touristic places and sights. Green parks, golden-domed churches and splendid panoramas are waiting for Kiev visitors!

All beautiful sights from your car windows combined with outings to admire the best of them, and, of course, take good pictures!

Ночной вид Киево Печерской лавры

The beauty of nights in Kiev: general sightseeng evening tour

When the night comes, everything changes, especially the look of the city. Walking through the streets and places of Kiev at night, you will see another face of the city, the one you’ve never seen before.

All the romance of Kiev’s night is for you!

Пирогово. Киев

A real tale on the open air: Pyrohovo museum tour

Visit Pirohovo – museum on the open air on the skirt of Kiev ! It is the best way to learn more about Ukrainian traditions and habits. Take a walk on museum’s territory and find many traditional buildings, see different household objects, buy various souvenirs and taste delicious Ukrainian food. The best place to relax on nature! Bright impressions are guaranteed!

Памятник расстрелянным детям

Nobody is forgotten: Babi Yar guided visit

Babi Yar tragedy is internationally known. People all over the world remember crimes against the humanity carried out by Nazi gouvernment during the occupation of Kiev in Second World War.

To commemorate victims of Babi Yar, to see the exact place of Kiev citizens' massive massacre, Babi Yar tour is offered for Kiev tourists. While Babi Yar guided visit you will learn the sad story of this place, see pictures proving the facts and monuments dedicated to those tragic events.

It is possible to reach Babi Yar site using private or public transport. For groups, we would recommend this visit by touristic bus.

Покровский монастырь

Sacred places of Kiev: various religions churches visiting

Remaining one of the Orthodox centers, Kiev respects other religions and confessions. From ancient times till nowadays Orthodox chrurches and sacred places of other beliefs have been neighbours. Kiev citizens used to pray and keep visiting churches of different religions.

During this tour one may visit traditional Orthodox Churches, Catholic Cathedral, Jewish Synagogue and Muslim Mosque in Kiev. See the variaty of churches and compare different religious traditions in our city.

Елочная игрушка

New year

Christmas and New Year are holidays that we love very much. We cannot imagine them without beautiful christmas tree decorated with fancy balls and other decorations. Folow us to see how Christmas-tree decorations are produced in a munufactory near Kiev. This is where you will beleieve in miracles! All the decorations are handmade and can be bought.