Kiev City Center Walking Tour

To get your first impressions about Kiev, we recommend you to explore the city center during this walking tour.

In central areas of Kiev one may see its residents working and relaxing. Most of beautiful pictures are taken by our visitors in the center of Kiev. 

It is not easy to discover all the particularities of Kiev while moving only in car. Walking tour with city guide will help you not only to see the main sites of Kiev, but also to feel the soul of its streets and places, monuments and buildings.

You shouldn't anticipate long distances or boring historical lessons. Time passes quickly if you are following interesting professional guide who knows and loves Kiev. Itineraries are well planned and give possibility to relax. As for weather whims, there's no bad weather, there are bad clothes.

Choose your itinerary and you won’t regret about your walking tour filled with news and legends, bright pictures and souvenirs.

пешеходная экскурсия по Киеву

Itinerary 1

Discover famous churches, ancient buildings of the Upper City, well-known St. Andrew Descent and Podol – an integral part of Kiev!

To see: St. Vladimir Cathedral – Opera House – Golden Gate – St. Sophia place – St. Michael Cathedral – St. Andrew Church and Descent – Place of Contracts.

Duration: 3 hours

пешеходная экскурсия по центру Киева

Itinerary 2

During this tour you will see the University area, main street and place of Kiev and famous park so loved by residents.

To see: St. Vladimir Cathedral – University – Bessarabian Market – Kreshtchatik street – Maidan – European place – City Park.

Duration: 3 hours

Itinerary 3

прогулка по Киеву с экскурсоводом

A combination of historical buildings, golden domed churches and wonderful nature of Kiev’s parks!

To see:  St. Vladimir Cathedral – Opera House – Golden Gate – St. Sophia place – St. Michael Cathedral – Volodymyrska hirka (St. Volodymyr's Hill) – European place – City Park.

Duration: 3 hours

Whatever you choose – you will be able to:

  • See all main sights of Kiev;
  • Save time and money;
  • Stop for a cup of coffee or tea;
  • Buy souvenirs;
  • Visit monasteries or museums additionally;
  • Taste traditional Ukrainian cuisine after your tour;
  • Ask your guide about how to get to other places you’d like to visit



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