Tasting excursion Hospitable Ukraine

Food is not only a vital necessity in our everyday life. Meals may afford us esthetic pleasure by its look, taste and aroma.

And when in addition to the pleasure from eating comes the joy of table-talk, good music and information about culinary traditions, a meal turns to a real holiday!

If not only your stomach, but also your soul need such kind of holiday – you are welcome to our Tasting excursion “Hospitable Ukraine”. We know how to make a cultural and culinary show!

In ancient times Kiev was famous by its hospitability. A full table has always been an integral part of holidays made by princes in order to commemorate victories, celebrate weddings or birthdays. These pompous feasts remained in a memory of all guests, as well as the taste of dished that were served there.

Today there are many good restaurants in Kiev, but only some of them offer Tasting excursion and give a possibility to test different dishes of national Ukrainian cuisine.

Our transport will carry you to one of Kiev restaurants, where Tasting excursion takes place. Sitting round the festive board, you will get acquainted with more than 30 hits of Ukrainian ethnic cuisine. That will be: few kinds of meat and fish starters, pickled products, marinades, three sorts of potages, including famous “borsch” – Ukrainian red-beet soup, traditional hot dishes, some kinds of desserts, and beverages of different strength. Of course, the most tasteful “vareniki” (dumplings), that give zest to every table, will be served too.

While relaxing and savoring delicious food, you will learn about dishes and beverages you taste. During some brakes you may listen to a beautiful Ukrainian music, even live music if you wish, and dance.

After this tasting show, our transport will carry you home.

Tasting excursion “Hospitable Ukraine” will be a good and unforgettable present for your guests, friends, family, and especially for you!


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