A taste of Kiev: Ukrainian food walking tour

Various dishes nearly from all over the world may be found in Kiev, but traditional Ukrainian cuisine always goes first. 

This gastronomic guided tour is to help foreign tourists to focus on Ukrainian food culture and traditions. What do Ukrainians usually eat in the morning? How to make a good borshch? What beverages and liquors are consumed in Kiev? Follow your English-speaking guide and you’ll get all the answers during this food tour!

We invite you to discover:

  • what is usually consumed by Ukrainian families during the ordinary day and holidays;
  • a snack that combines a national dish and a classic hot-dog;
  • sweet souvenirs from Kiev that are the must;
  • how to make a good choice of salo (slabs of pork underskin fat) and why this product has always been important in Ukraine;
  • a place where more than 50 dishes representing all styles of Ukrainian cuisine for reasonable prices can be found;
  • the difference between red and green traditional borshch;
  • how not to miss an ideal Chicken Kiev; 
  • other options for a traditional lunch or a dinner

Places to visit:

  • a stand where Kiev’s legendary fast food Perepichka can be grabbed;
  • a kiosk with Lakomka (stands for sweet-tooth) ice cream, a very famous one in Kiev;
  • Roshen sweets shop, where most popular Kiev’s souvenirs – Kiev Cake and Evening Kiev chocolates – can be purchased
  • Bessarabsky Market, offering a great variety of traditional salo, caviar, fruits and vegetables;
  • a well-known self-service Ukrainian restaurant offering diversified national cuisine;
  • optional: a restaurant with central location represented as a cozy wooden house, offering a good food and easy atmosphere / a restaurant of Kiev’s cuisine of the 19th century, having fascinating interior decorated with old artifacts
Enjoy a range of tastes and flavors of your meal in Kiev! 
Tour type: walking guided tour
Duration: 2 hours

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or you would like to order this tour,
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