Podil walking tour

The name of the historical area of Podil (also may be written as Podol in Russian transliteration) comes from words «Po dil» meaning «in the lowland», or near the Dnipro River in Kiev.

In old times, Podil was inhabited by simple working people – artisans, craftsmen, merchants, shipowners. First markets and fairs, harbours, churches of different religions were located there.

Starting from 16-th sentury, as the Upper Town was abandoned after the invasion of Tatar Mongol horde, Podil became an important administrative and cultural center of Kyiv. First higher ecclesiastical and educational esteblishment – Kyiv Mohyla Academy – was founded there by famous Metropolitan Petro Mohyla.

Podil of today offers a perfect combination of the old architecture preserved to our times and new fashionable locations. Small cozy coffee-shops, cafees of all styles and restaurants of different traditions can be visited there.

Get a truly inforgettable experience by exploring old narrow streets of Podil, its colorful houses and churches, and discover the unique charm of this historical location.

During Podil walking guided tour, you will discover:

  • Place of Contracts, or Kontraktova Place, the very heart of Podil
  • Felicial of Samson Fountain, a monument of Ukrainian baroque, being a part of city's first water system
  • Building of Magistracy, connected with world wide known people
  • Kyiv Mohyla Academy, together with its old buildings – the Church of the Holy Spirit, Annunsiation Church and Clergy House
  • Cathedral of the Dormition of Our Lady, re-created after the original architecture of Old Kyiv Rus times
  • Active Convent of St. Flor, looking like a piece of paradise in spring or summer
  • St. Andrew Descent
  • Central street of Podil, filled with various restaurants and cafees

When it's a correct season for the river navigation, a boat tour can be added to Podil guided visit.

You can also add a visit to Chernobyl Museum to this walking tour, as it is situated within the same area.

Duration of the walking tour: 2 hours


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