Holodomor Museum

National Museum «Holodomor victims’ Memorial» is a state museum-Memorial, which tells the story of the Holodomor – genocide of Ukrainian people, organized by the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and the Soviet government in 1932-1933.

According to inconclusive data, Ukraine lost at least 7 million people of its population in Ukrainian SSR of those times, and and 3 million – outside of Ukraine: in Kuban region, Central Black Earth region, Volga region and Kazakhstan.

The museum consists of a memorial part: Candle of Memory Monument, sculpture of the girl with ears in her hands called «Bitter memories of childhood», «Millstones of destiny» on the square, Alley of Blackboards, and  a Hall of Memory which serves as a museum.

There are nineteen volumes of the National Memory Book of Holodomor Victims 1932-1933 in the Hall of memory, containing the lists of genocide victims. For today 900 000 names of innocently killed victims were found. 

There are monoblocks and showcases in the Hall, filled with archival documents, photographs, witnesses’ testimonies and maps created by «Digital Atlas of Holodomor» project. Guests can watch movies about Holodomor and visit excursions.

There are also continuing temporary photo-documentary, scientific, art exhibitions in the museum, which clarifies certain aspects of Holodomor. 

One can visit Holodomor victims’ Memorial after Kiev sightseeing tour or together with Kiev Pechersk Lavra tour.