Mezhigore residence: 7 amazing facts

7 facts about MezhigoreSince February, 2014, a former residence of fugitive Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych became very popular. Visitors from all over the world are fast to see fabulous riches of Mezhigore.

However, even after being opened for everybody, Mezhigore's destiny is still indeterminate.

We cannot predict the future of this amazing site but we are ready to make you known some interesting facts about its past and present day.

  1. In XI century, a monastery existed on the territory of today's residence. It was very famous and visited by pilgrims. Reims Gospel, brought by French Queen Anna from Kiev to Reims Cathedral, was probably consecrated in Mezhigore monastery.
  2. Mezhigore visitAn outstanding icon of Holy Mother, a copy of the one created by Apostle Luke on a wooden part of table of The Last Super, was brought from Byzantium to Mezhigore monastery. In 1155, prince Andrey Bogolyubsky removed the icon from the monastery to the territory of moderm Russia. Now it is known as Theotokos of Vladimir - the holy protectress of Russia.
  3. Ukrainian Cossack Army (XVII-XVIII centuries) considered Mezhigore monastery to be the incarnation of their faith and glory. Many cossacks, after finishing their carreer in the army, became monks in Mezhigore.
  4. One of the best pottery industries in Europe was located in Mezhigore in early XIX century. A know-how of emerald-green glaze decorations was invented there but is lost now.
  5. Rare ancient books were probably hidden in cathacombs of Mezhigore monastery. This secret library may be connected with famous Kiev Saint Sophia Cathedral archives, disappeared in 1240 after Tatar invasion.
  6. Mezhigore monastery was annihilated soon after the October Revolution. In 1934, it was completely destroyed as Soviet leaders chose the area for administrative residence construction. People involved in building works told about traces of old books found there. Official Soviet gouverment concealed this fact.
  7. Since becoming the residence of officials, Mezhigore housed different tyrans in different times, including Pavel Postyshev - one of the architects of Fanine in Ukraine of 1932-1933, Erich Koch - Reichskommissar of occupied Ukraine in 1941-1943, Volodymyr Shcherbytsky - responsible for concealing the real scale of the Chernobyl Accident, and Viktor Yanukovych. 


For more facts, not only of history but of Mezhigore's present day - welcome to Mezhigore residence guided visit.