Saint Andrew Descent

Андреевский спускA Street of museums and galleries, so-called Montmartre of Kiev, Saint Andrew Descent is one of the most well-known sites of Ukrainian capital. It always welcomes tourists by its unique charm.

In ancient times, there was the shortest way from the Upper City to the Downtown. Winding and steep, it has always put to trouble numerous merchants who broke wheels of their wagons and lost lion’s share of their goods there.

Since that, the relief of the street didn’t change too much. The pavage looks like the old one. High hills around open a scenic panorama of the street which Kiev citizens admired as far back as ancient times.

Замок Ричарда Львиное Серце. Киев

Actually Saint Andrew Descent is a venue of numerous tourists looking both for spirit of olden time and handmade things. The street is full of souvenir and gift shops, art galleries, exhibitions and cafes. Street vendors offer paintings and antiques. 

Every building of Saint Andrew Descent has its own history. Here are the most important of them.

Bulgakov Museum

The prominent writer Michail Bulgakov, mostly known for his novel Master and Margarita, was born in Kiev. He spent his childhood and young years in the building at 13, of Saint Andrew Descent.  The apartment of Bulgakov’s family has been turned into museum.

Castle of Richard Coeur-de-Lion

Former rent-house of early XX century in the style of modernized English Gothic, it is located on a slope of legendary hill. Just after its construction the house got the reputation of haunted houses due to strange scary noises in various parts of the building. Castle of Richard Coeur-de-Lion can easily be recognized by its turret. It remains empty till nowadays…

Saint Andrew Church

Constructed on the hill blessed by Apostle Andrew himself, this church dominates the entire Saint Andrew Descent. Graceful creature of genius, the building which “continues to speak when songs and legends are heard no more”, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Kiev.

Saint Andrew Descent and its buildings always produce an unforgettable impression on tourists from all over the world.