Best parks of Kiev

Park of the Eternal GloryThe best thing to do in Kiev is to go for a walk together with city guide, and one of the best solutions for a walking tour is Kiev park area.

When the weather is fine and there is no hurry, we are glad to offer you an excellent opportunity to discover the most remarkable sights of the city: panoramic views, historical and present-day monuments, well-known buildings, and all of these sights can be found in Kiev parks. In addition to that, enjoy nature, calm, and fresh air, stayin within the central part of the city.

There are many parks located one close to another in the very heart of Kiev. They are all different but, at the same time, very similar with their beauty and special aura.

Park of the Eternal Glory

This place is quite solemn: there are graves of city defenders, the Eternal Flame, the monument dedicated to the tragedy of Holodomor in Ukraine… But it is uneasy to stay sad for a long time there because of magnificent panorama that can be seen from the top of the park hill.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Dnieper River and its left bank, Metro Bridge – everything looks wonderful from steep right bank of the river.

By the way, the Park of the Eternal Glory is located on the highest hill of the city. Just married couples often come there for taking pictures.

Mariinskiy Park

Mariinskiy ParkThe park is spacious, with wooden benches, old fountains and ice cream stands. The name of the park reminds of Empress Maria who lived in a palace known as Mariinsky, or Tsarist Palace. It was built in XVIII century after the project of the famous architect Bartholomeo Rastrelli, in Baroque style.

The building of the Ukrainian Parliament is next to the Palace. It is one of the numerous state buildings of Kiev, a vivid example of the Stalinist architecture. It sounds strange, but this edifice haven't spoiled the view of the park.

A lot of other amazing sights can be discovered there: Dynamo Kiev Stadium, the Bridge of Sights, and some park sculptures.

Mariinskiy park is very popular with Kiev citizens and tourists.

The City Garden and Khreschaty Park

Puppet Theater in KievKhreschaty park's name can be explained by the approximity to the Khreschatyk Street, the main arteria of Kiev. The park is famous for the castle-looking building of the Puppet Theater, and two old water towers housing Water Museum nowadays. 

The most remarkable place of the park is the observation place near the Arch of Friendship. It offers a great view of Podil, the lower town, of the river and of the Trukhaniv island, where one of the city beaches is situated.

In the end of this park's visit, you will see the National Philharmonic, an original building in the eclectic style.

Saint Vladimir Hill and Park

Saint Vladimir Hill and park

The goal of our visit is Saint Vladimir Hill, an ancient park named after the monument to Saint Vladimir the Baptizer. The monument, erected in 1853 in honour of the historical personality who introduced the Christianity in Kiev, is considered as the oldest city monument.

Pedestrian lanes and alcoves of XIXth century make the illusion of old times. The park is extremely green. Funicular of Kiev, the most touristic local mode of transport, is located in this park.

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral, with its shining cupolas and sky-blue walls will finalize our walking tour.

This is the best place to feel the present and the past, and to think about destiny of the eternal city of Kiev.