Historical areas of Kiev

Old Kiev Hill

Historical Kiev: Old Kiev Hill

Old Kiev Hill is often called a cradle of Kiev. This is where our history starts from. According to historical documents and researches, first stone buildings appeared there. Remainings of one of the oldest fortresses were found during the excavations on the hill's territory. Today you may find old fondaments imitations, anthropomorphic stelae of Scythian period, Ukrainian Historical Museum there.

A splendid panorama opens from Old Kiev Hill. Podil, Dnieper River, and other historical hills of Kiev may be observed from there.


Old church of Podil, Kiev, Ukraine

Podil, or the Lower City, represents a great interest for tourists. With its narrow streets and low-rise houses, it still has an old city flavor.

Podil keeps most of historical monuments in Kiev.

Due to its excellent location in the lowland of the Dnipro's right bank one may join boat tour starting from Podil. You won't regret visiting nice churches or interesting museums of Podil. Saint Andrew's Descent, one of the most charming streets of Kiev, leads here from the Upper City.

Another opportunities offered to our tourists by Podil are old Zhytny Market and new Roshen candy shop visits.

Walking tour aroud Podil is an inforgettable experience of your staying in Kiev.


Kiev Pechersk Lavra belltower

The name Pechersk comes from the word «Pechera», which means «cave» or  «catacomb» in Ukrainian. The historical area of Pechersk starts its development from a famous monastery based in caves, or catacombs, where monks settled in 11th century.

There is no doubt that Pechersk monastery, or Kiev Pechersk Lavra, is the most famous landmark located there. But it is not the only one of historical value. The area is rich on monuments, parks, old mansions and museums.

This is where incredible Motherland monument, together with WWII museum. This is where you may visit Mariinsky Park or Holodomor museum. This is where you may find Arsenalna metro station – the deepest one in the world.

As Pechersk plato is the highest point of Kiev, most beautiful city panoramas are seen from its hills.


Everybody knows Mezhigore only as a location of Yanukovich Mansion. But it is also an amazing site soaked in history. Hundreds of years ago, churches stood on a place of fabulous house, and monastery vineyards grew where the present day golf course is. Secred library was hidden in caves of the monastery. Step by step, this holy place was transformed into a rule of the tyranny.

Islands of Kiev

Did you know that more than 30 islands within Kiev are area conservancies? Some of islands have clean beaches where one may relax during hot summer days. Islands of Kiev offer other distractions too: sports grounds, restaurants and disco bars, esquestrian clubs and boat rentals.