7 reasons for visiting Kiev

Here are several reasons for visiting Kiev:

Kiev, monument to Kiev founders in Navodnitsky park

Unity of ancient and modern traits

Kiev is more than 1500 years old; it remembers the time of legendary princes and annalistic events. Guarding a spirit of ancient days, Kiev at the same time keeps up with today’s life. It is a political and industrial center with a population of more than 4 million people. So, many traits of past and present are well combined in city’s appearance.

Kiev, Dniepr

City on Dniepr River

Kiev is located on two picturesque bancs of Dniepr – on of the longest European rivers. Historical center of the right side presents a contrast to a new architecture of the left one. However, two bancs, islands and Dniepr itself look harmoniously.


City on seven hills

We can often here such comparison of Kiev with Roma or Jerusalem, even though are more than seven hills! A main particularity of city’s landscape is a variety of hills, mounts, descents and ravines. Beautiful hills were chosen as a place of residence by first Kiev princes in 5 – 9 centuries. Next to Dniepr, in a water gap, simple people made their settlements. This place is known as Podol – ancient location of artisans, merchants, sailors, and a colorful district of today.

Kiev, City of gardens

City of gardens

One of the most remarkable sights in Kiev is its verdure – gardens, parks, and greenbelt. Among European capitals only Vienna and Oslo have a larger greenspace. In spring and summer city seems to be absolutely green, and in autumn it looks like to be covered with golden carpet.

Parks and gardens of Kiev are not only beautiful but very cosy, and offer a real pleasure and comfort. They are located far and wide – near Dniepr River, on its hills and even just in a city center. Everywhere you are in Kiev, you may always have some rest in a calm of one of our parks.

Kiev, City of religion

City of religion

Kiev is famous by a huge number of orthodox churches and monasteries, attractive for pilgrims of all times all over the world. Touched by decrees of Heaven, city is awash with a spirit of Christianity, giving a sensation of harmony and peace. Golden domes of numerous temples fascinate city visitors, and splendid silhouettes of religious structures offer esthetic pleasure. Traditions of pilgrimage in Kiev are still being today. As an example, Kiev Pechersk Lavra – a monastery with caves – is one of the most popular touristic and religious centers in Ukraine. In Kiev there are also temples of other religions.

Capital of Ukraine, Independence Square (Maidan)

Capital of Ukraine

Kiev possesses all traits of a modern capital: administrative buildings, embassies, industrial enterprises, museums, theatres and so on. Developed transport system gives a possibility to get easy and quickly in all points of Ukraine, including other touristic centers (Odessa, Lviv, Crimea, Uman etc.) .