Museums of Kiev

Pharmacy Museum

Pharmacy Museum in Kiev

Located in an ancient house of the historical Podil, near Florovsky convent, Kiev Pharmacy Museum always attracts tourists.

The interior calls up to a pharmacy of XVIII-XIX centuries, with its old drug pots, scales and smell of herbs. There are 12 rooms, and two of them evoke the way of life of an alchemist and of a wise woman.

As it is still an active pharmacy, one may find herbal teas and handmade soap there.

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

Bulgakov Museum in Kiev

Also known as Literature-Memorial Museum to Mikhail Bulgakov, or Bulgakov House, it is one of the most impressive museums of Kiev.

13, Saint Andrew descent is the house where famous Russian writer Bulgakov spent his childhood and young years with his family. Bulgakov is mostly known for his novel «Master and Margarita», but his earlier novel, «The White Guard», is strongly connected with this very house, as the author put his protagonists into the apartment where he himself once lived.

Every smallest detail of the museum's interiour expresses the deep respect of the museum staff to our great son Mikhail Bulgakov who was born in Kiev.

After visiting Bulgakov Museum, one still keeps the impression of having been in an illusory world created by the genius of Master.

Water Museum

Water Museum in Kiev

Created inside two water towers of XIX century, Water Museum in Kiev has a very amazing exposition. 

It narrates about the water in the world and notably in Ukraine and Kiev, about animals inhabiting water zone, about problems and troubles connected with water.

Some pieces show that in our everyday life we have a lot of possibilities to save water using it reasonably.

Symbolic collector, golden fishes, biggest sanitary and game room for kids are awesome. The museum is very popular with visitors from all over the world. Both adults and children will no doutably enjoy the exposition.

We'd recommend to visit Water museum during or after Pechersk walking tour.

Holodomor Museum

Holodomor museum, Kiev

National Museum «Holodomor Victims’ Memorial» is dedicated to events of Holodomor of 1932-1933 and to other famines in Ukraine.

Holodomor, or Famine-Henocide, is one of the greatest tragedies in Ukrainian history that took away more than 7 million of people's lives. Soviet government, being responsible for this terrible crime, tried to erase it from our memory, but didn't manage.

To commemorate victims of Holodomor, a memorial complex was erected in Kiev in 2008-2009, including the museum, the Candle of Memory monument and other sculptures as well.

Nature Museum

Nature Museum

Founded in a nice architectural ensemble of early XX century, in the center of Kiev, Nature museum unites more than 30 thousands of exhibits. There are showpieces illustrating the variety of geology, paleontology, zoology and botanic.

The central place of the site is occupied by a complex of impressive dioramas: 30 landscape expositions and biogroups.

Being one of the biggest Nature Museums in Europe (8 thousand square meters), it is must see for nature fans.

National Art Museum

Art Museum in Kiev

Situated in the city center, National Art Museum building, or so-called House with lions, is a true masterpiece of Art Nouveau style of the architecture. It holds the greatest collection of Ukrainian art: paintings, sculptures, art drawings and so on.

Wooden icons, paintings of different styles starting from baroque style till the soviet realism and newest trends are represented in Kiev Art Museum.

Chornobyl Museum

Chornobyl Museum in Kiev

This is where one may learn about famous catastrophe of nuclear reactor which happened in April, 1986, not far from Kiev.

The exposition is very affecting. Black indications on dead villages, abandoned toys, commemorative stands dedicated to all of those who were killed by the Catastrophe and its consequences – one may never remain indifferent there.

«The Sorrow has limits, but The Anxiety doesn't» – those words written near the museum entrance recall our own responsibility for the future.

National Historical Museum

National History Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

National Historical Museum of Ukraine is located in a very heart of Kiev. The building occupies one of the slopes of Old Kiev Hill, the place where the city was probably founded.

Museum represents different periods of Ukrainian history, from the most ancient times till nowadays. There are a lot of exhibitions: ethnographic, archaeological, paintings and sculptures, numismatic collections, early printed books, etc.

Stone Scythian idols standing just next to the main entrance meet all the visitors of National Historical Museum.

Pirogovo Museum

Pirogovo museum, Kiev

Traditional Ukrainian houses of past centuries, watermills, churches, village school – this is what one may find in The National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Architecture and Life, or Pirogovo Museum (named after the nearest village). In warm seasons, while visiting interiors of some buildings, tourists discover numerous objects that were used in Ukrainian people everyday life.

Planning your visit to Pirogovo museum, note that it is the buggst open-air ethnographic museum in Europe. Our guide will help you to choose the best itineraries.


Microart in Lavra, Kiev

The smallest museum showpieces in the world can be found in Kiev, in Mykola Siadristy Microart exhibition, which is located in Kiev Pecherst Lavra.

Shod flea, rose inside human’s hair, butterfly with dial-eyes and other unique objects, so-called microminiatures, can be seen only with the help of microscope.

The Microart museum visit is recommended during Kiev Pechersk Lavra tour.