Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitskiy in Kiev

One of the oldest monuments in Kiev, a true masterpiece of sculptures, and an remarkable symbol of the city – it's all about monument to Bogdan Khmelnitskiy. Located opposite the Holy Sophia Cathedral, at one of the central places, the monument impresses everyone by its expression and dynamics.

Among a few equestrian statues of Kiev this one must be the most harmonic one. The sculpture of  Bogdan Khmelnitskiy looks emphatically from all angles, from any point of the place.

Bogdan Khmelnitskiy was a very important person in Ukraine's history. He held the title of Hetman – the highest military office, and head of state, in Ukraine's Cossack Hetmanate.

Many interesting and even funny facts are connected with this monument. Our city guides will let you know about most of them during excursions in Kiev. 

Памятник Богдану Хмельницкому