Buildings of Kyiv

Richard the Lion Heart Castle in Kiev, UkraineUnusual buildings of Kyiv

House with Chimeras, House of a crying widow or Richard the Lion-Heart Castle may be called the most extraordinary constructions in Kyiv. They are always of interest by their fancy look and engender different mystic legends and funny stories.

Discover the most fascinating houses of Kiev on our walking city tours!

State buildings

State buildings of Kyiv represent a typical monumental architecture of pre-war Stalin times. They have changed appearance and style of sophisticated Pechersk district without having spoiled it. One can see administrative buildings of Kyiv – Presidential Executive Office, Supreme Soviet building (Parliament House) and Ministry – during Kyiv walking tours.

Opera House in Kiev, UkraineOpera House

Ukrainian National Opera Theatre, or Opera House, is located in a heart of Kyiv, not far from legendary Saint Sophia, Golden Gate or Saint Vladimir cathedral. Only the best opera and ballet artists appeared there.

Graceful structure with wonderful acoustic properties, a real zest of Kyiv architecture, is one of the objects of survey for Kyiv city tours.

Fountain near Golden Gate in Kiev, UkraineGolden Gate

Golden Gate is one of the few Kyiv monuments that partially remained from the époque of princes. However, Golden Gate may be called a contemporary monument. Can one sight be an ancient and a modern one at the same time? Why not!

Take your time to see ancient Golden Gate and to get known everything about this sight on Kyiv tours.

Olympic Stadium in Kiev, UkraineOlimpiiskiy stadium

Olimpiiskiy stadium – one of the most outstanding sights of Kiev nowadays, has a very long history. Even Kyiv natives may not recall all names of this stadium it had during the period of its existence.

Our guides will let you know about the past and the present of the stadium.