Saint Vladimir Cathedral

Владимирский собор, КиевSaint Vladimir Cathedral is mostly known as temple-museum. Actually, the architecture of the cathedral is comparatively not very rich, but the decoration inside is immensely magnificent and of high artistic merit. The interior of the temple is painted by famous artists Vasnetsov, Nesterov, Vrubel etc. Their creatures reflect the human vision of the divine.

Founded in 1862, Saint Vladimir Cathedral’s construction was finished only in august 1896. It was built to commemorate the 900th anniversary of Kiev Rus baptizing. It brings the name of St. Vladimir – a famous Kyiv prince, who introduced the Christianity in our city. That’s why there are so many images of Vladimir, and also of Saint Olga, his grandmother, who was one of the first Christians among Kiev princes.

In the years of 30 of 20 century the church was transformed in atheistic museum. Fortunately, it wasn’t destroyed like dozens of other religious buildings in Kiev.

Today two important sacred things repose in St. Vladimir Cathedral – holy relics of Saint Barbara and Saint Makarii. The cathedral is always open for visitors and masses are often held there.

Интерьер Владимирского собора, Киев
Росписи Владимирского собора, Киев
Собор святого Владимира, Киев