Monasteries and temples

Saint Andrew Church

Saint Andrew Church is the most wonderful and refined structure among churches of Kyiv. So-called “pearl in a crown of Kyiv’s temples”, it will undoubtedly fascinate with its incomparable baroque style all the visitors during Kyiv city tours.

Holy Assumption “Pyrogoscha” church on Podol

This temple can easily be recognized among all the other churches of Kyiv. Being reconstructed in the style of ancient Kyiv architecture, it looks very different and unusual.

Intercession of the Holy Virgin (Pokrovskiy) convent

Abode of Intercession of the Holy Virgin, situated not so far from the center of Kyiv, is one of the most grace-filled places of the city. The biggest orthodox temple of Kyiv is located on its territory. One may visit this earthly paradise and enjoy its quiet atmosphere during the excursion to temples and monasteries of Kyiv.

Vydubitskiy monastery

Outstanding architectural ensemble of Kyiv, it possesses a real treasure of ancient period – a church of XI century. Situated on a picturesque terrain between two hills above Dnieper River, it is certainly worth to be visited by tourists of Kyiv city tours.

Saint Cyril Church

One should see this temple at least once, just to feel the peerless aura of this historical monument. Being one of the oldest churches remained from the very ancient times, Saint Cyril Church conceals the mystery of magnificent pictures on its walls. It is possible to visit Saint Cyril church during the excursion to temples and monasteries of Kyiv.

Saint Vladimir Cathedral

Grandiose construction of the 19th century, real temple-museum, famed for wondrous frescoes and relics of saints in it. Visiting of Saint Vladimir cathedral, named after the holy baptizer of Kyiv, is an integral part of Kyiv city tour.

The Holy Ascension Florovskiy convent

Florovskiy convent is located next to the mysterious Castle hill, on Podol. The territory of women’s abode is very peaceful and not busy. The abundance of greenery, combined with comely temples, offer a veritable pleasure to an eye. Enjoy the beauty of The Holy Ascension Florovsky convent; get known about its history and present day during Kyiv city tour!

Kiev Pechersk Lavra of Saint Assumption

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is one of the most ancient monasteries in all over the world of Christianity. There one can find caves with relics of saints, which stay imperishable for a very long time. To attention of tourists and pilgrims: elegant architectural complex of religious buildings, holy sources of healing water, charming aura of the acting monastery, mystery of caves and various souvenirs. Programs of Kyiv city tours usually include visit to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.

Saint Michael Monastery. Saint Michael Cathedral of Golden Domes

Religious center of Kyiv and Ukraine, extremely sophisticated and harmonic, Saint Michael Cathedral of Golden Domes is always glad to meet numerous visitors. During Kyiv city tour, during walking Upper town tour, many tourists come here to admire this marvelous temple.

Saint Sophia Cathedral

The silhouette of wonderful Saint Sophia cathedral is certainly an integral expressive symbol of Kyiv. Represented on postcards, different souvenirs, in movies, it seems familiar and native to everyone. As many tourists say, splendid Saint Sophia cathedral and its bell tower always occur in memory while thinking about our city.

Saint Nicolas churches in Kyiv

Since the beginning of Christianity in Kyiv, people always built churches in honor of the most popular saint – Saint Nicolas. In numerous temples citizens turned to Holy Nicolas their prayers, pleadings about protection and expressed their gratitude for miracles. During Kyiv city tour one can see architectural miracles – churches of Saint Nicolas. 

 Le clocher de la Laure de Pechersk de Kiev