Administrative buildings in Kiev

Ministry building, Supreme Rada (Supreme Council, Parliament) building, Presidential Executive Office

In 1934, the capital of Ukrainian Soviet Republic was transferred from Kharkov to Kiev. So, all administrative organizations were to be removed too. It emerged that Kiev was not ready for this due to lack of buildings able to accommodate state organizations. That’s why, Kiev architect begun to create state buildings in years of 30, XX century. Till nowadays these edifices lodge Ukrainian politicians.

Ukrainian Ministry building

It is the hugest state building in Kiev, massive and ponderous by style. Its surface is about 235000 square meters. It was designed to place interiors of Soviet power, but all the time it serves as Ministry building. Central part of the edifice is ten-stored, side parts are of seven and eight stores. Architectural planning of Ministry building presents special interest. Rounded corridors and shapes of building were planned in such way to give possibility of defense. Persons working there are prevented of occasional shoots from round the corner.

Probably, there is a system of underground corridors leading from this building to Supreme Council and serving as escape way, but such information is not officially proved.

Location: Pechersk, 12/2, Grushevsky street

Supreme Rada (Supreme Council, Parliament) building

From ancient times till Russian Empire époque the place of modern Supreme Rada building was covered by deep forest. In 18 century there was a household yard of Royal (Mariinskii) Palace. In 1935, Supreme Council building by project of architect Zabolotniy appears there. For this construction he received an award of best architect and a position of chief architect in Kiev. In comparison with other administrative buildings of Stalinist architecture, so heavy and sometimes graceless, this one looks more slight and laconic. Such impression of weightless of the edifice comes from glass cupola on the top. Significant changes have never been applied for Supreme Rada building.

In august 24, 1991, major part of deputies of the debating chamber voted for Independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union. Five years later, in June, 28, Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Constitution of Ukraine. These two important steps in state formation were made in Supreme Rada building.

Location: Pechersk, 5, Grushevsky street

Presidential Executive Office

Presidential Executive Office building is located in Pechersk district, as well as Supreme Rada and Ministry buildings. Its construction was planned for Kiev military command. The architect was so punctual with plan and even smallest details of the building, that it was wed with the landscape. Being huge and monumental, it looks to be in harmony with other buildings of the narrow street, and it can be seeing well from all the points.

Solemnity of Presidential Executive Office building is pointed out by four polished stone spheres next to the grand entrance. Sigh with inscription “President of Ukraine” on the façade is popular among tourists who want to take photos next to it.

Administrative buildings in Kiev become an example of typical Stalinist architecture. Even having changed look and style of Pechersk district, they present a real modern decoration.