Golden Gate

Golden Gate makes part of few Kiev city historical monuments that are partially conserved since 11th century.

There was an important fortress that consisted of a main gate itself, a rampart, and a moat. The whole construction was crowned by a church with single dome. Scientists say it could be a golden one, and this is where the name of the gate probably comes from.

Dimentions of the gate were the following: about 10.5 meters width, over 13 meters height, and almost 18 meters length.

Prince Yaroslav the Wise is considered to be the initiator of the construction. About the same time famous Holy Sophia Cathedral was erected. That is why a monument to the prince holding the cathedral in his hands can be found next to the building.

Golden Gate. Kiev

Golden Gate served as the main entrance to the Royal City, the historical area of today. This is where residence of Kiev City rulers was located. Almost totally destroyed by the army of Batu Khan in 1240, the Gate remained abandoned for a very long time. People still remember ruins of the old monument in the very center of the city.

Golden Gate. Kiev

In 1982, when Kiev celebrated its 1500 anniversary, Golden Gate was completely reconstructed. Stones and walls of 11th century were covered with special model symbolically reflecting the historical structure of the building. One may find wooden and stone parts there.

The interior of the construction serves as a museum now. Rooms inside are often used for acoustic concerts, theatrical performances etc.

Holy Annunciation church was reconstructed too, and it's golden dome shines brightly on the top of The Golden Gate.

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