Monuments of Kiev

Candle of Memory

Candle of Memory is a monument to victims of the famine (Holodomor) in Ukraine, 1932-1933. Holodomor is the most tragic event in Ukrainian nation’s history. Candle of Memory is a part of complex devoted to victims of the famine in Ukraine, which was solemnly opened in November, 2008.

Monuments to cats

There are so many cats in Kyiv that they may be considered as true Kyiv inhabitants and they “have full rights” there. In addition, they provide positive emotions to many people. So, Kyiv citizens and guests of the capital can admire some unusual and funny monuments to cats.

Monument to characters of “Venue cannot be changed” movie

This sculpture was installed in honor of the 90th anniversary of Criminal Investigation Department creation.  The monument represents characters of famous movie “Venue cannot be changed”. Courageous anti-gang division officers are to guard the entrance to the Internal Affairs Department.

Monument to Panikovskiiy

Bronze monument to a famous actor and a recognized “Golden Calf” book character is installed on the corner of two central streets of Kyiv. Don’t miss a chance to turn from the main street of Kyiv and take photo with sculpture of Panikovskiiy.

Monument to “After Two Hares” movie characters

A small sculptural composition near Saint Andrew church reminds of characters and actors of popular soviet comedy movie – “After Two Hares”. It is one of the most favorite places for photos here.

The Revived match

Symbolical monument to revived match is a reminder to everyone about the unfavorable environmental conditions of the city.

Monument to victims of Babiy Yar

This small sculpture reminds of the documentary fiction of Anatoliy Kuznetsov “Babiy Yar”, in which the writer describes the tragedy of Kyiv during the period of mass executions of citizens by fascist invaders.

Soviet steam locomotive class IS and its history

Soviet steam locomotive class IS (or JS – Joseph Stalin) is a unique one. It is remained one-of-a-kind and preserved in Kyiv. While leaving Kyiv, passengers of railway station often see this rarity, but they even do not realize the real historical value of it.